The SAT Security Platform updates security for any 3rd party application in minutes (iOS, Android, Web, Win, Mac) with no source code or development.

Security without compromise

Security, productivity, and analytics in one platform.
SAT replaces your physical badges, passwords, and security tokens with digital badges delivered via smartphones.

Adaptive Security

SAT Mobile ID enables enterprises to cope with cloud, mobility and BYOD and to dramatically reduce problems associated with passwords, password resets and cyber attacks.

Easy Integration

Secure Access Technologies is committed to creating an ecosystem that supports partners in developing successful relationships, mobilizing their applications and meeting compliance requirements.

SAT integrated with numerous existing applications including:

Web applications such as Salesforce, Kaiser Permanente and Wells Fargo Bank


PC applications such as Windows7/8, Tiburon and Cisco AnyConnect
iOS applications such as Citrix, Good Email, SceneDoc and TigerText…
Physical access such as HID Access Control


The SAT Mobile ID is linked to the user biometrically and linked to the user’s phone cryptographicallyIt cannot be counterfeited.