Adaptive Security

Adaptive Securi

SAT Mobile ID enables enterprises to cope with cloud, mobility and BYOD and to dramatically reduce problems associated with passwords, password resets and cyber attacks.
SAT Mobile ID provides breakthrough security and user experience and enables enterprises to reach new levels of efficiency, productivity and employee satisfaction.
It eliminates the high costs, complexity, and confusion associated with traditional point-solutions.
SAT partnered with RSA and MobileIron, and integrated with Good Technology, Citrix, Salesforce, HID and numerous other solutions in order to enhance security and user experience.
The SAT team comprises leading reserchers and doctors in PKI security and is assisted by leading advisors such as Dr. Taher ElGamal, inventor of SSL.
The SAT Policy Console sets consistent security policies across all applications with FIPS140-2 cryptography, multi-factor authentication and real-time proximity monitoring.