Your Phone is Your ID


Add real-time
security to any app


Add multi-factor authentication to any app


Add single sign-on
to any app


One Security
Policy Console


Add FIPS140-2


Integrates in minutes:
No coding, No SDK

Advanced Security In Minutes

SAT Mobile ID replaces all passwords and tokens with one click on your smart phone. No more typing of passwords numerous times a day on mobile devices, PCs and laptops… and no more password resets.
The SAT Mobile ID is linked to the user biometrically and linked to the user’s phone cryptographically. It cannot be counterfeited.

The SAT Security Platform updates security for any 3rd party application in minutes (iOS, Android, Web, Win, Mac) with no source code or development.
SAT separates application security implementation from application development, and secures legacy applications for use on mobile devices, cloud and laptops. Enterprises can now focus on real business.

The SAT Policy Console sets consistent security policies across all applications with FIPS140-2 cryptography, multi-factor authentication and real-time proximity monitoring…


Single Sign-On in Minutes

SAT Mobile ID adds secure Single Sign-On to any 3rd party application in minutes enabling flawless security with incredibly convenient usage.

SAT Mobile ID Single Sign-On is not limited to web applications. Instead, it works across web, mobile, PCs and doors.

No more password resets. No more cyber attacks. No more lost devices.
Data locks in real-time when the user walks away, and auto-wipes when the device is lost…


Risk-Based Authentication

SAT Mobile ID patented risk-based authentication escalates security depending on context, and uses biometrics to authorize sensitive transactions.

SAT Mobile ID provides soft tokens as well as key fobs, and is enabled with RSA SecurID engine as wells as PKI and biometrics.

SAT also locks all applications and encrypts data when the user leaves proximity.


Compliance with Regulations

  • HIPAA: Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act
  • CJIS Advanced Authentication
  • FFIEC Guidance
  • PCI Data Security Standards
  • SOX: Sarbanes-Oxley
  • The European Data Privacy Directive
  • Monetary Authority of Singapore Internet Banking Guidelines
  • Section 508 of the FEITAA


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