Next-generation multifactor authentication

As cloud applications, remote access and mobility have become essential to enterprise operations, security breaches and identity theft have risen dramatically. Passwords and tokens are becoming increasingly unreliable in fending off attacks such as brute-force attacks, dictionary attacks, phishing or pharming… The industry is ready for a truly secure, real-time multifactor authentication that improves the user experience and reduces typing of passwords.

SAT Mobile ID by Secure Access Technologies offers biometric level phone-based multifactor authentication that is invisible to the user.
SAT Mobile ID enhances security for any 3rd party application, in the cloud, on the mobile and on the PC, and converges logical security with physical access security.
SAT Mobile ID provides not only two-factor authentication, but also single sign-on to Google Docs, Office 360, Windows7, VPN, HID doors…

SAT was voted best application security by CTIA. The authentication expert collaborates with partners such as RSA and MobileIron. See for further information.

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