Tired of dealing with passwords, resets & lock outs?


SAT Mobile ID offers public safety agency’s the most advanced “single” Sign-On and Authentication solution for Windows, iOS and Android environments. The technology industry has never seen anything like it, so say goodbye to traditional passwords across your department.

Introducing SAT Mobile ID: Offers secure No-Password Sign-On to CAD, RMS and any 3rd party app Uses Prox Cards, Bluetooth Key Fobs or Smart Phone Tokens Installs in minutes on iOS, Android or Windows7/8/Mac. No change to infrastructure or data. Locks applications when you walk away…

How It Works: SAT generates icons for every application (CAD, RMS, CJIS…) on Windows7 or tablet The officer clicks on one of the application icons, clicks on the SAT Mobile ID, enters a Unique Password and is logged in automatically. To learn more about SAT:

No PasswordSecure Access Technologies, the no passwords company

1370 Willow Rd. #2 | Menlo Park, CA 94025 | Tel: (800) 610 1917 e:

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