Moving Beyond Passwords
            Your Phone is Your ID

While enterprise computing is changing rapidly towards mobility, cloud and BYOD, passwords fail to provide decent user experience and security: Enterprise data is compromised when a device is left unattended with an open session

SAT protects data in real-time with the user's phone. SAT installs in minutes and enables any application with step-up multi-factor authentication, SSO, proximity security, geo-fencing, self-defense, DLP and encryption

SAT Mobile ID patented technology secures web apps, mobile apps, desktop apps and doors... Breakthrough security and user experience

SAT MobileID & Proximity Security
            Breakthrough Security & Usability

SAT MobileID comes in three forms: Soft token, Hard token and Voice Auth. It delivers breakthrough security and user experience to every application across the enterprise:

  • No passwords / SSO for All applications: web, mobile, PC, doors
  • When the user walks away, all applications lock ...
  • Devices alarm when lost, apply auto-wipe policies if lost and no connectivity

  • SAT is a Certified RSA SecurID partner, MobileIron partner, and has 10+ patents issued. SAT MobileID changes the way organizations identify people, secure applications and entrances

    Application Security Virtualization
            Move from Reactive to Proactive Security

    The SAT virtualization engine upgrades Any legacy application in minutes. No source code or development. SAT enables IT to set proactive security policies on legacy applications and to update them as conditions change. For example: geo-fencing, voice auth, Keyless RSA SecurID... SAT provides a single policy console to manage all access security policies

    SAT is different from MDM: First, the user is not required to type passwords numerous times a day... Second, SAT detects when a device is lost, alarms and alerts. In case there is no connectivity and MDM remote-wipe cannot work, SAT applies auto-wipe policies

    SAT integrated with hundreds of applications including Citrix, Good Email, Salesforce, Splashtop, Windows7, and HID doors... SAT enables compliance with: Sarbanes-Oxley Act, FFIEC, HIPAA, CJIS , PCI, FDA and section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act.

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