No Passwords: Breakthrough Security

While enterprise computing is changing rapidly towards mobility, cloud and BYOD, passwords and timeouts are reaching a limit

SAT Mobile ID replaces multiple passwords and delivers risk-based biometric-caliber security to your 3rd party applications on desktops, mobile devices and web. One unique physical ID and one password for every person.

SAT Mobile ID secure single sign-on integrates in minutes and provides Keyless 2-Factor auth., geo-fencing, proximity locking, encryption and device security

No Passwords: Breakthrough User Experience

SAT Mobile ID changes the way organizations identify people and secure applications against cyber attacks. SAT MobileID uses a smart phone application, a key fob, a ProxCard or biometrics and provides the followings:

  • Single Sign-On across PC, mobile, web and physical access
  • Policy-based and risk-based authentication
  • (e.g.No-Password when inside the office - 2FA when outside)
  • Data locks when the user leaves - Devices alert when lost
  • SAT Mobile ID is integrated with numerous applications including:
  • Good Email and Citrix for iOS - Okta, AWS and Salesforce for Web
  • Windows7/8 and MAC - Cisco AnyConnect and Tiburon
  • HID for physical access

  • Surveys show that SAT Mobile ID improves employee happiness and productivity

    Proactive Security: Upgrade In Minutes

    SAT MobileID patented technology integrates with any 3rd party legacy application in minutes using SAT Auto-Configuration service. No source code, SDK or coding
    The SAT Security Platform enables CISOs to upgrade security for any application:

  • Change authentication policies per user, location and application
  • Add voice authentication, RSA SecurID or PIV cards capability to any app
  • Complement MDM with 2FA, proximity security and auto-wipe capabilities

  • SAT provides One policy console to manage security for all 3rd party applications and enforces those policies in real-time, on-network and off-network
    SAT enables compliance with: CJIS Advanced Authentication, Sarbanes-Oxley, FFIEC, HIPAA, PCI, FDA and section 508
    SAT is partner with MobileIron and more than 30 application vendors that are part of the SAT Ecosystem
    SAT technology is certified by RSA SecurID. More than 20 patents issued

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